What is Custom Cardboard Box Packaging and what are important Aspects

What is Custom Cardboard Box Packaging and what are important Aspects
Anyone familiar with the retail industry would know the prime importance that packaging holds. Gone are the days of rigid boxes, and the modern days have welcomed this decade with style. In addition to providing protection and safety to the product inside, the package is able to do a lot more than that. And customer attraction is a prime outcome of that. People are attracted to buy the product as soon as they are able to see the interesting packaging style.
Yes, we are talking about those packaging styles that boast interesting, unique, and innovative features. These features can translate into customer acquisition and increase brand value altogether.
Let’s take a look at those aspects that make this conversion smooth and shows results:
Simplicity Gives it a Personality
Simplicity is a very interesting way to design your product. Instead of bombarding the customers with so many complicated and stuffed designs at once, try to adopt a simpler approach. Attempt avoiding excessive colors, complex designs, overlapping fonts altogether. The inclusion of such designs and patterns will give a complicated sight and be difficult to look at. At times, it even becomes super difficult for the customers to interpret the necessary details and thus losing them.
Nevertheless, the packaging contains some important brand and product information that needs to be communicated to the customers. However, with all the fluff colors and designs, that information is not able to float over to the customers. As a result, they will switch to your competitors, and that’s the last thing one would want.
Therefore, it is important for the brands to understand the importance of simplicity and implement it accordingly. This will not only gain you more customers but also help establish strong footholds and increase sales. All possible, by custom boxes making a simple effort of designing the custom boxes in a comprehensible manner. Such a clear packaging personality makes the product skip the competition and captures the attention of those passing by!
Color Psychology Works
Colors are influential and impactful. Rightfully using the colors can create a great shelf life. Therefore, it is very important to stick and stay consistent with your color palette. The creative team has designed this color palette using colors shades that signify your brand. These are then used to make designs that go on the packaging. Visual experts advise the moderate use of the colors as excessive usage can degree the beauty of cardboard design.
In addition to this, make sure you know how color psychology works. Every single color denotes a certain level of energy. And as a brand owner, you will need those colors that go best with you and your audience. For instance:
Green represents health, nature and wealth
Purple represents royalty, creativity and wisdom
Blue represents peace, security and reliability
Red represents energy, passion and appetite
…and the list goes on.
This might have given you the reason why major brands use distinctive colors to reflect their brand, niche and vision altogether. This calls for you to draw your attention towards selecting packaging colors and picking one that connects your audience to your product and bridges the gap.
Never Miss Out on Functionality
As much as it may seem to figure out the right design and the color palette to attract your customers, one should not forget the functionality aspect down the lane. After all, it is the first and the foremost aspect of any packaging style to deliver the product safely to the end consumer. Simply adding glitter and glamour to your package won’t do much good if the product gets damaged on the way to the customer.
Therefore, it is best advised to work on the functionality aspect too. Simple cuts, adding windows, inserts, handles and drivers add more safety measures to the packages. It remains safe and adds another level of practicality to it.
Creativity Attracts
While you might be wondering about getting some mesmerizing aspects to your display boxes and trying to add style and innovation to them. You can begin from a simple manner of playing around with the shapes and designs to create impactful packing. Avoid the regular box-shaped packages. When Nestle Fruita Vitals was launched, it was able to attract more eyeballs for its distinctive polygon shape. Similarly, Apple products are clean and the designs are clutter-free that is able to attract a lot of customers.

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